Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Super Sid

On Sunday we had an impromptu Going reunion. Sid Going and his wife Colleen were in town (from New Zealand) to make a cameo appearance in a rugby movie. The movie is being produced by another relative (through marriage), Adam Abel who also produced Saints and Soldiers.

Sid, known as Super Sid in New Zealand, was a celebrated half-back rugby player who played for the All Blacks during the 1960's and 1970's. The Going name is very well known even today as I found out during my visit to New Zealand several years ago.

Growing up, I remember the Super Sid book on our living room book shelves and I have often conveyed the fact that I have famous New Zealand relative. It was nice to finally meet him. Although I did get a short tour of his house in New Zealand while I was there. Unfortunately he was out of the country at the time.

So for a little background, mom is a Going and is a first cousin to Sid. My grandfather (Melvin Going) moved to Utah from New Zealand (Maromaku, Northland near the Bay of Islands), along with several of his siblings. Other siblings stayed in New Zealand. The Going family now has more US descendants than NZ descendants. My Grandmother Ellen (pictured sitting with my Grandfather Melvin with Sid and Colleen standing behind) is Melvin's second wife and is full Maori. So anyway, I'll end the geneology lesson there and just say, I'm proud to be quarter-kiwi!

In two years there is going to be a big Going reunion in New Zealand. Lots of the US relatives are trying to make the trip and hopefully we can get some sort of group rate. I can't wait to visit that incredible country again.

You can find more pictures of everyone here.


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